Beaded Jewelry Making – Supplies

In cooking, there are certain ingredients that are referred to as staples.  They are not used in every project and you may not use all of them every day, but they are things that are used frequently enough that you should keep them on hand all the time.  Well there are some staples of jewelry making as well.

Headpins and eye pins
They are used for stringing beads.   Head pins may have a flat head or be decorative.  The flat headpin is definitely a staple.  If you are making earrings, you can not have too many.  Eye pins are not used as frequently as headpins but are still a staple.

Wire is found in many different gauges but it is helpful to have a heavy gauge like a 24 gauge on hand.  For necklaces, bracelets and some loop earrings, stringing wire will be needed.

Jump rings
Having jump rings in a variety of sizes is a must have.  They come in a round and oval.  They come in several metal types as well.

Magic Stretch Cord
This is a relatively inexpensive thing to have on hand and can be quite useful.  It is something that you would want to have in your toolbox  if you are making necklaces and bracelets.

Metal Beads
Whether silver or gold, they are used so frequently in jewelry making that it makes sense to keep several sizes in stock.  Some of the more decorative ones would probably be best bought with the project in mind.  But smooth metal beads, round and flat are so versatile that they will be often used.

Earring Hooks and posts
Nothing would be more upsetting than to sit down to make a pair of earrings for that new outfit and find that you don’t have any hooks!   If you make earrings, earring hooks are a must have.  Ball posts with a loop are great for little girl’s earrings.

Clasps and toggles
If you are making bracelets and necklaces, you will need a variety of clasps or toggles.  Basic lobster clasps in a variety of sizes would be handy to keep on hand.

Jewelry glue
While not used in every project, it is good to have some jewelry glue around.

Ruler or Tape Measurer
It is advisable to keep a ruler with your jewelry making supplies.  It is especially useful for necklaces and bracelets to ensure the proper length for the finished piece.

If you are focusing solely on earrings in the beginning, you may not need some of these supplies.  Some of the items were noted as being just for earrings or just for necklaces and bracelets.  Also, as you continue making jewelry, you may find items that you use very frequently in your projects.  For instance, if you like chandelier earrings, you may want to keep a variety of them on hand.  If you find that you often make hoop earrings, it would be something extra that you would keep on hand.  As you gain experience, you will find things that are uniquely your staples.

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